The Teacher

Kevin Wooding trained with Elisabeth Walker, finishing in 1998. He teaches privately at his studio in Jericho, Oxford and also in London near Richmond. Coming from a performing background in Classical and Jazz piano, he found the Alexander Technique a vital tool in bringing maximum efficiency and expressiveness to performance - but originally came to the technique due to a persistent knee injury.

There was a period of about four years when I couldn't ride a bike, couldn't sit down without pain and certainly couldn't kneel. I had lessons with Rob MacDonald in 1988 - 1990 and through these lessons the easy use of my knee returned. I tell a bit more about this story in the Case History section.

I trained with Elisabeth Walker, who was trained directly by F. M. Alexander, and I qualified in 1998. Elisabeth is always a great advertisement for the technique. She told me a year ago that she had 'just done her last international workshop' having recently returned to the UK from the United States. The fact that she is past her mid-nineties is hardly worth mentioning - to her!

I always remember that the freedom and ease that she enjoys to this grand stage of her life is available to all.

Who was F. M. Alexander?

Frederick Matthias Alexander was born about as far from civilisation as it is possible to be: the remotest part of Tasmania, which is the remotest part of Australia, which in 1868 was about the remotest part of the British Empire. That the technique should appear to have such unlikely beginnings is perhaps the reason it is so different from what people expect...


What is the Alexander Technique?

You may have heard of it, know someone who has tried it, been told you need it, or you might just be here through pure chance. Whichever it is, it's worth a moment of your time - The AT is a unique approach to health that allows unneeded body tensions to release gently and permanently, simply by showing you how to make different, subtle, choices.