What is the Alexander Technique?

You may have heard of it, know someone who has tried it, been told you need it, or you might just be here through pure chance. Whichever it is, it's worth a moment of your time - The AT is a unique approach to health that allows unneeded body tensions to release gently and permanently, simply by showing you how to make subtly different choices.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to sail through difficult situations, or even where you find something easy to deal with and others can't understand how you do it? Much of this comes down to deeply ingrained habitual responses: while the mind travels a well-worn path, so does the body, and the two together are the dynamic duo to thwart you making real changes. Where everything is working well then it's not too much of a concern, but if something is causing you trouble, the gentle awakening approach of the technique can work wonders.

I've always thought that I could never really relax. Letting go of my limbs for instance, no way, I was always there, holding on. I just couldn't understand what letting go really meant. Just a few minutes into a group class in the Alexander Technique, the teacher worked on me for a moment and suddenly I had a new experience. My arm really let go. I could hardly fathom what had happened. I still can't quite work it out.

How It Works

In an Alexander Technique lesson mind and body are regarded as a whole - instead of referring to one or the other, Alexander teachers talk a great deal about the whole Self; and the technique as a method of understanding thought and movement as a single process.